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September 13, 2009

The cover

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My brother, David Hurst, is an artist. I commissioned him to draw me up the book cover.

I think it is unsettling, frightening, and altogether perfect.

Thank you, Davey!



August 31, 2009

Monroe – Kings

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If anyone besides Ben Mckenzie were to portray Monroe, it’d be Chris Egan who plays David Shepard on Kings. And he also, unfortunately, played in that sad sad movie Eragon.

The guy looks and sounds like a young Val Kilmer. He’s got that same lip curl and flirty eyes.




Star Valley

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I went on vacation to Star Valley. Don’t worry, my husband knew of my ulterior motive for going. Let me just say it was perfect.

August 21, 2009


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“The wind was on fire. It was like a hurricane in the middle of the desert. The sky was tan with orange and red glowing from the edge horizon in the sunset that managed to show through the dust, though dull, it was gorgeous. My hair whipped around like nobody’s business, and dust accumulated on my lashes. The smell was exactly like that of a fire, but there was none to beheld. It was August so it was hot outside, but with a storm like this I instinctively thought to wrap my arms around myself. This was a bad day for a rodeo.”


“Are you afraid?”

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“Should I be afraid?” I asked. He swallowed. “Aengus, where are you taking me?” He eased back in his comfortable leather car seat and stared at the back of his driver’s head in silence. Only the rain pitter pattering on the car roof could be heard as it teared up the windows.

August 20, 2009

Your eyes reveal much about you

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“We locked eyes. His half-closed eyes were deep black pools, like the La Brea Tar Pits. I saw nothing in them, so imagined dinosaurs and giant prehistoric creatures struggling from the blackness. If eyes were the window to the soul, then his were tinted to an illegally dark shade, preventing common people from seeing the infamous celebrity inside.”



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I need to clarify. Though I have used this word many times in this blog, my monsters are more closely related to zombies. I take the astral projection theory of Robert Monroe (my dad’s excuse for a bedtime story), the idea of a new kind of Monster (in ode to Mary Shelly), combine the sexy draw of the new age vampire (in homage to the current craze), fold in love (because that is all we are here for), and poof out comes—- The Wake.

“There is this theory,” He began, “That I think might make precedence in this reality. You say you felt your spirit and body fuse together, like a great heat. That you cannot sleep, and in this perversion you see when things sleep. You see, like when someone has an out-of-body experience, the spirit corded to the body and the spirit roams?”


“The theory is that we are created of a body and a spirit, and when together it is called the soul. Now in order the sleep the spirit must rise out of the body, but they are still connected. When someone has an out-of-body experience it is when they are conscience of this happening. Even within this theory it explains the sensation of falling when we wake up suddenly. When we die, our spirit and body permanently separate and the cord is broken connecting the two entities. You, my dear, cannot leave your body. Your spirit and body are permanently fused. You are immortal. You are ageless. Which sounds like hell. How do you sleep? Can you sleep with your soul together?”

“No, I cannot. I feel rested only when…” I didn’t want to say.

“When?” He pressed.

“If I tell you will you still count me among you? Will you still love me like you love me now?”

“I cannot guarantee, all I can say is that I will take that into consideration as you tell the truth.”

“When I drink the blood of something asleep. Right of their body as they slumber.”

There is the parallel with vampires. Just the blood part. I am not denying they are similar, but boy are the different. In addition there are not very many of them. There are the Lockes (Cornelius, Janette, Aengus, Sarah, and Lovewill) and people they wish to extort, rule, imprison, and dominate. It is like a little kingdom created out of thin air using a curse, creating creatures of the damned. The have no aversion to sunlight, garlic, crosses, silver. They don’t need to sleep in the dirt of their home, they dont’ sleep. There bodies don’t rot.

There are sub-creatures to the Wake. If the Wake curses someone incorrectly, they do create a zombie, where the spirit is still trapped inside (incapable of death and sleep) but the body decays, and rapidly, so much so that they mind is lost and you got yourself the living dead.

That so far, is my monster story. Unrest.

I Heart Vampires

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I am just astounded how many shows are playing with the relationship of a vampire and a human. I love them all, but why? Is it the forbidden aspect? The good within evils veil that is enticing? The immortality? The wealth? Is it possibly that next to a vampire we look weak, fragile and that is luring? Is it that we feel that if a vampire could love us, we’d have to be very special? Do we all want to have a bloodsucking, murderer lurking for us in the shadows?

I don’t know.

But here are the ones I actually watch, or will watch:



I thought Moonlight was fabulous when it came out. I watched every episode. It is more cheesey than France, but it was entertaining. The love was the only interesting part. Mick and Beth. Wow.

Forever Knight

forever-knight-season1-cast2Forever Knight is a little different. It is a Cop/Vampire show. They form a teaser relationship with Nick and the coroner human, but it is only that. I have a feeling season 3 goes itno their relationship more. You know, I actually own Seasons 1 and 2 of Forever Knight. I know. You can start laughing now.

Vampire Diaries

the-vampire-diariesOh, I know, it look STUpid. But I am going to watch it, and most likely can’t get enough of it. Truly, I just like Bad TV.

True Blood


Now this is quality television. It’s on HBO for goodness sake. I LOVE LOVE LOVE True Blood. I even read the books they are based on. This, by far, has the best relationship between a vampire and a human, while also entertaining me with the meriad of character, vibrant plot, holy crap setting, and amazing actors. I give this one 2 thumbs up.

Now I know this isn’t a tv show, but let’s face it, one day they might just make it into one:


And Twilight takes the cake on best Vampire/Human relationship, well, and True Blood . . . man, I can’t decide.

Red Dress

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2javier vallhonrat


Magdalena Frackowiak

luca luca


will whipple

August 19, 2009

Star Valley, Wyoming

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Star Valley is the decided setting. It is a beautiful strip of land on the far western side of Wyoming, bordering Idaho. One of my college roommates was from Star Valley, and I just couldn’t get it out of my head. I knew I wanted it in a place like home, but I wasn’t going to set it in Utah. I was playing with the idea of Idaho, but it didn’t fit. Star Valley is perfect.

August 15, 2009

Morgan Bride

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The central character. The narrator. The reason all of this happening: Morgan Bride. I got some more photos of Alison Sudol and just couldn’t help but share them.




Look at how well she compliments Joseph Gordon Levitt:


And Benjamin Mckenzie:


Alright. Here is an update on what part I am working on.

I am building Monroe and Morgan’s relationship. I am trying to make Monroe more of the “nice guy” but he keeps coming off as the Mr. Darcy type. Morgan is hiding her monster-like qualities, and thus resists every ounce of love that could come into her life, because if this love knew, it wouldn’t be there anymore”


“I’ll tell you and then you’ll never love me again.”

“I doubt that.”

“Blood. Like a God-damned vampire. See my teeth?! What do you think these are for?!” I started to cry, but I didn’t hide my face. I let my face fall apart, turn red, and flood while I continued making sure he wouldn’t love me, “You don’t feel me coming near when you’re asleep because you are not supposed to! I am there at your wrist or the bend of your neck, curbing my unrest. I am a monster! They call this a disease, a curse, and a molest for reason! My diet is the blood of the vacant body of the deep asleep. I am the stuff of nightmares. I cause you to fear the dark. Your still, sleeping body will be too much to resist one day. The smell, the glow, and the saliva will bloom and you will drown in a nightmare. I am not a gift from God. I am his degenerate. I am the demon-cherub’s rabid dog keeping you from the garden of eternal sleep.” Then I ran fast and hard in an attempt to fall off the planet.

Sarah and Janette

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I came across another pic that shows off their relationship. Just the contrast in their looks is one, and even though they look ageless, the dark haired woman has more mature features and thus looks older, despite the fact they both look young. I love the aristocracy of the photo, plus the boredom mixed with unlimited possibilities in their eyes.

A&L 1040701248890327

August 14, 2009

Sarah and Janette

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“Cornelius’s woman at his left, Janette, looked at me like Sarah did, and was just as proud, with an air of elitism. When I saw her the word ‘Parisian’ came into mind. Her long dark hair was loosely held back with pins and a jeweled comb. She had almond eyes and a striking jaw and cheekbones. She wore a wine red dress that dipped low and showed her sunken clavicles and rib bones between her breasts. Her thighs were so tiny and unhealthy, and I wished that the dress wasn’t short enough to tell that.”

I found this picture and it reminded me of the way Janette and Sarah might interact. I’d imagine Sarah on the left, with her red lips, and Janette on the right. They wear these ridiculous gowns for the most arbitrary reasons. They constantly share secrets, and manically plan and execute mind games.

sarah and janette

Nick Brabant

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So, there is this minor character, Nicholas Brabant, who is a middle aged nightmare. He is a Wake and he is engaged to Sarah Locke. He is a scary dude. Nick is also a renegade. Not only does he play the part of a man capable of being with a sadistic woman like Sarah, but he has a different agenda altogether of trying to overthrow Cornelius and setting up Aengus as the new ruler. He is a power starved, selfish man, but even he knows that to defy Aengus is to lose. I totally found a great actor who can portray him. It’s the guy from Mad Men. Can’t you just imagine him and Joseph Gordon Levit’s relationship? Where Nick wants all of it, but knows he is not as strong or powerful as Aengus?



I take it back

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I take back using Milo to portray Aengus. I found the perfect actor. I can’t believe i never caught it at first. Joseph Gordon Levitt. He is perfect. He has the vulnerability that Milo lacks and Aengus needs, plus Joseph looks like he can be effin scary, like he could be thinking just scary freaky crap. Also, I think he can pull off heartthrob very well. So here are some photos for your enjoyment. Plus I am thinking of changing Aengus’s eyes to more describe Josephs, those black pools are awesome!





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