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December 29, 2010

Scarlet Fever

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She lay horizontally on the couch, like it was a casual summer day, with a simple white cotton shirt and bright red velvet hot pants. There was quite an allowance of skin her shorts gave her. It let it be known that her thighs were smaller than her arms, and her stomach as sunken as a pauper. It was such an exaggeration of her status; to be able to live on the verge of starvation amongst all her privileges and spoil. The red velvet hot pants that covered more of her hips than her legs most likely had passed through so many important and talented hands that the price tag went up exponentially with each, from the textile manufacturer, fashion designer, seamstress, high-end distributor, and finally to the small and exclusive boutique shop. Even the metal in the zipper, buttons, and clasps probably passed through a similar channel that ran straight to the elite. It demanded to be seen and touched, but was set so high that no one would stare or dare to reach out. Sarah’s attitude was always as though she was monumentally bored with the situation, but how could anyone be bored in red velvet hot pants?


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