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June 18, 2010

Red-glow eyes

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One time, while in Wyoming, it was dark, late, and I was tired. So my husband and I decided to stop at a motel for the night. I went in to the dark office alone, and my body decided this meant to shoot me full of fear and adrenaline. My voice broke when I yelled hello through the bars of the window where I assumed the motel owner should be sitting behind, ready to take my money. These four glowing eyes and low to loud guttering growl rushed at the bars from the darkness. I was more shocked that the eyes glowed than anything, though the growl and then sudden pounding of the two Doberman dogs on the barred window were hellishly horrible. I had heard in books this description of glowing eyes, but I never believed it until that night. The owner finally came in to her side of the window and turned on the lights. She was rude and her dogs were scary, so I opted to not stay the night in her crap-hole motel, and we slept in our car in the woods somewhere.

“I saw red eyes in the dark space between two massive cattle directly in front of me, which was only about ten feet in front of me. I didn’t know that wolves’ eyes were glow-red. I could hear it breathe a rumble. I creeped a hand forward. The red eyes got larger, because it had mimicked my move closer. There was nothing that lay in between us. With Aengus’s blood in me I was strong and fast, but I doubted if I was stronger or faster than a red-eyed wolf. The wolf took another move closer. I had to be the first to act. If it wanted me then I could fight it, trying for its blood, and I wanted so much to use its blood to curb my unrest. That would not be sinful, because it was out for a kill itself.

“I could feel its weight shift on the ground and it flung forward through the air, I reacted like bullet from a gunshot, straight towards it. At that moment the security lights, as large as the ones at a football field, came on and flooded the entire ranch with its unearthly white glow. I grabbed with my limbs and snapped with my mouth. I grabbed skin. I felt hair and clothes. I screamed so loud I thought if there was a God he could hear me from wherever he rested in the universe. A boot flung and hit my back as we were in a tumble, hitting, biting, and scratching. The thing grabbed hold of my shoulders and flung me back. As I slid on the ground my dress came up, and I took a beat to pull it back down to my knees. My hair was all in my face and it was just one more thing I awkwardly and quickly fixed so I could see my enemy. It was a boy. He must have been just shy of fourteen years old. I got him good in the eye with an elbow and I could see his black eye develop darker and darker. He was in a fighting stance breathing hard above me. The black eye went dimmer and dimmer, and then it was gone.

“’Who are you?!’ Alden yelled from just behind me at both of us. He had a shotgun pointed at my male enemy. The boy hissed at him revealing the half moon shears in his mouth. I felt my own teeth with my tongue and it was the same arrangement and design.

“’Who are you?!’ He was so calm and commanding, like when God spoke to Moses from the bush.

“‘I am only here for the girl. It would be in your best interest, if you went back to your house.’

“’Like hell I will. What are you?’

“’Who are you?’ I asked the boy, loud enough for Alden to hear.

“’I am here . . .’

“’What?’ Alden boomed from over me.

“’This does not involve you!’ He hissed at Alden.

“’You look like you just stepped out of hell, and I am the one with the gun. Don’t make me ask again.’

“The boy breathed a few breaths as he went over the situation. He must have decided something, because he crouched a little closer to me. ‘We are the living, breathing dead. The far-off, most secret, and invalid.’ Before Alden could say anything, or I could react, the boy scooped me into his arms, and took off back into the herd of cattle. I heard the shotgun go off. The sound echoed from all throughout the valley. The boy fell forward on top of me, but held me tighter and climbed up on his knees, then stood fully and ran again. He threw me over the coral fence, hopped over it himself grabbed my hand and we full-fledged ran into the wilderness.”


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